August 23, 2018

List of Chapters Now Available

Since scrolling backwards through my blog must be pretty irritating I complied a list of chapters (including links to those chapters) of my recent series, so that new readers have an easier time accessing them:

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August 17, 2018

Escape Plan: Chapter 15 [Brothel of Pleasure: Rachel's Eventful Story]

Day 2805

Rachel spent the following days as the sex slave of John, on a bimbo-like setting. What John didn’t anticipate was that those settings were slowly wearing off and two days later Rachel was mentally restored, even though she was trapped in her physical form. Once John left to work she made her decision. Grabbing the tablet she left the room and hurried to the brothel.
The End... For Now!

August 15, 2018

Mind-Verse: Chapter 15 [The Family's Slut: Yumi's Faithful Story]

Day Ninety-Two of the Transformation

Yumi was forced to watch the intruder talking to her master; Yumi was forced to watch the intruder wash her body; Yumi was forced to watch the intruder dress up and make photos of Yumi’s body; Yumi was forced to watch the  intruder violate her body.
“My body isn’t for your pleasure!” Yumi screamed at the portal, looking at the intruder rubbing Yumi’s vagina. “My body isn’t for my pleasure! My body is solely for my masters and mistresses!”
But nothing happened. The Intruder came and came and came and suddenly the intruder seemed at peace with its body. Yumi took a step back. Through the mirror came the golden lights, this time carrying another Yumi into her mindscape. Yumi used her powers over the mindscape and hid herself in the mirror. That was when, with the newcomer’s arrival, new information flooded the real Yumi.  The intruder’s name was Tom. He, not she, was able to access this place because he was in sync with his body. Which is what she told him.
“So, who are you?” Tom asked.
“I”, Yumi said “am Yumi.” Tom turned around and saw his mirror image smiling. Then she stepped forward, out of the mirror and continued speaking. Yumi realized that her smile was very disingenuous. She was born to serve, but she wouldn’t serve him. Her smile faded and for the first time Yumi displayed anger and hatred. “I am Yumi and you violated my body, violated my mind and soul, violated my service to my masters and mistresses. I am Yumi and I will make you pay!”
Yumi reached out and smacked Tom across the face. “Perish, intruder!”

The End... For now

August 13, 2018

Success: Chapter 15 [Shifted Lives: Diana's Vengeful Story]

Day Three of the Transformation

Many hours passed and Diana found that this was more fun than she anticipated. On a completely neutral level she could see why David had sex with Jasmin, but it was still weird for her. Diana was willing to do some kinky things, but this was nothing like anything she did before. Jasmin and Diana lied next to each-other on the floor, when they heard someone enter. Did we even close the door properly? Diana thought.
“What the fuck?!” she heard a familiar voice. David!
“Sebastian, you bastard! Jasmin, you bitch!”
Jasmin stood up: “Wait, David, this isn’t what it looks like!”
David seemed even bigger now. How was that even possible? “You cheating whore!”
“Well, you aren’t such a faithful boyfriend, aren’t you? I’ve heard you were Diana’s boyfriend”, Diana said.
Now Jasmin seemed enraged. “Is that true?”
For a moment David didn’t know what to do. “How would you know that, nerd? It’s not like you have any social interaction, ever! Stop pulling shit out of your ass!”
“Oh, don’t you dare!” Jasmin exclaimed, “don’t you dare pin it on him, you hypocritical bastard! I thought you liked me! To think that I was conflicted about you! Just fuck off and go away! I don’t wanna see you ever again!”
Diana gasped when David, the hunk, walked over to Jasmin and raised his hand, apparently wanting to slap Jasmin. Before Diana could react, however, Jasmin herself tackled David’s massive body and he tumbled back. “Now, fuck off, or I’ll get serious, bitch!” Jasmin shouted. Diana was impressed. After David left she did too, but with a newfound respect for Jasmin.
Day Seven of the Transformation
What now? Diana thought, I did everything I can in this form. How do I get my body back. She researched the problem on her smartphone, Sebastian’s smartphone that is, and found reports of humans swapping bodies while masturbating at the same time. However this seemed to only occur under rare circumstances. Only when the two swapped ones had some form of connection, spiritual in nature. Skipping a list of conditions, Diana came to know that apparently it could be reversed when the two humans kissed. Well, this should be easy, Diana thought and cycled to school, where she found Sebastian. She walked up to him and kissed him. Around them was murmurings but Diana didn’t care. After a few seconds she let go and looked at him.
“Di-Diana?” he said.
“I looked it up on If two swapped people kiss each-other they swap back.”
“I don’t want to!”
“Deal with it.”
“I won’t.” Sebastian whipped out his smartphone and googled what Diana did. There he found a loophole: Ten minutes after the kiss the two participants would swap back, unless one of them has sex within that time frame. Sebastian ran off, looking for Emilia.

The End... For now.

August 10, 2018

Home, Sweet Home: Chapter 14 [Brothel of Pleasure: Rachel's Eventful Story]

Day 2803
Rachel felt two things: something sticking in her and her body having changed. When she turned around she saw a naked man, penetrating her anally.
“John?! The fuck?”
“Hey, you said I could have sex with you if you got the suit.”
“Yeah, when I am conscious, you perv!”
“Oh, honey, don’t be like that.”
“I’m sorry, honey. I don’t know why I was so mad at you. Come here”, Rachel said and John smiled while putting the tablet away.
A few hours later, the two were bathed in sweat, John had to leave for work.
“Honey, I can’t allow you to leave, so I’m sorry, but I have to do this.”
Rachel felt something change. Something engulfed her. “What the...” she started but John interrupted: “I cracked into the code of this tablet. Broke the exit. You’re stuck in your physical form. But I can reverse it, so don’t you dare to run.”

August 08, 2018

Serving Wish: Chapter 14 [The Family's Slut: Yumi's Faithful Story]

The Second Day of the Transformation
Yumi walked for hours until she reached a brothel. “Do you have a job for me?” the naked, wet, busty Asien asked the manager who immediately whipped out a contract.
“I need your signature here, here and here”, he said, pointing at three different lines. “Then you will be a licensed prostitute at our Love Ranch for three months.” Yumi signed the contract and the manager added: “But you will have to have sex with at least three guys per day”, otherwise the contract will be prolonged indefinitely. Now go to work, bitch.”
He probably expected Yumi to react negatively to the extra clause she wasn’t told about, but she cherished it. In order to fulfil the contract she had to sleep with three men per day for three months. The contract would not be fulfilled, so she had three months to herself, without the interloper intervening.
Day Ninety-Two of the Transformation
Yumi managed to have sex with her three men per days. While she was a sexy mess after every session she managed to make quite a small fortune from it, more than she would have expected. Yumi, of course, didn’t know what to do with all the money, as she did not have any wishes of her own, so she stored it in her room in the brothel. During her time as a prostitute she was often approached by other women who fell into the same trap as she did. Mostly they were distraught and Yumi tried to comfort them. As it turned out, women forced into prostitution didn’t particularly like sex as a means of comforting, so she stopped doing that rather quick. Yumi gained a reputation for being messy and kinky and doing everything that was expected of her. She developed a certain infamy among other prostitutes but also within the paying crowd.
Just on the day her contract expired she was approached by a man she immediately recognized. After a sex session he told her that he knew her from school. Yumi of course knew that but, didn’t feel like telling him. “So, when you sucked my dick at school... I’m sorry that you ended up here. I will immediately call Jim Nelson so they can get you out of here. You just wait.”
Yumi wanted to - for the first time in her life - object, but the last sentence made that impossible. Yumi just kept waiting. Her next and final customer entered her room and they had sex. Yumi enjoyed it more than she knew she should but those might be her last moments of freedom. After the customer came and her contract was officially over, Yumi felt the darkness of her own mind creeping towards her, groping her, grabbing her, pulling her, down into the depths. This time it was worse than before. It’s over, isn’t it? Yumi thought, back in her prison. She found her room to have seriously deteriorated in her absence, or rather mental dominance. Of course a mere thought could reset it and Yumi spend some time watching her body get used by the interloper. To her luck the man asked one more thing of her. The light of the portal took Yumi for one more moment of free life. Smearing cum all over her breasts would be her last act in this time. Back in her room Yumi felt distraught.